French Counter-Terrorism prevents an Easter Islamist attack in Beziers

On the night of June 4th the French Police, in coordination with the DGSI, raided an apartment in the southern French city of Beziers and detained five women all belonging to the same family.

The mother and her four daughters, all resided in an apartment in the neighborhood of Deveze, notorious for its high crime rate.  During the house search, investigators found a sword, several empty bottles, small marbles, and chemical material to be used for the preparation of explosives (sulfuric acid, acetone, hydrogen peroxide).  No device had yet been prepared, but a notebook with handwritten notes on how to fabricate explosive was also found, together with a sketch of a church located nearby (very likely Notre-Dame de la Reconciliation).

Four of the five women were later released while one of them, 18-year-old Leila B, remains in custody with charges of criminal/terrorist association and possession of incendiary/explosive substances with the objective of conducting an attack, as exposed by the Parquet National Anti-Terroriste (PNAT).

The arrested teen was already known to the social services. She had been constantly watching pro-Isis videos online, expressing her intention to conduct an attack on social media, and was about to take action with a terror attack to perpetrate most likely on Easter Monday.

It seems that initially, the plan of the 18-year-old was to target churches in Montpellier; however, due to the Covid travel restrictions, she changed her mind and opted for action in her hometown.

Additionally, during the house search investigators also recovered a photo of murdered and decapitated French teacher Samuel Paty, Isis material, and Nazi symbols. Local sources revealed that the women were known in the neighborhood for their Islamist extremist views.

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